Occunet by OHRC, Inc. at 2535 Broadway is an Occupational Medicine clinic started by a group of medical
professionals in 1998. These individuals had an awareness of the business and industrial climate in Paducah and surrounding areas. They had the vision that companies needed a clinic to care for the needs of their employees.

Occunet began in 1998 as a small office with only 3 full-time employees offering limited services to business and industry. Over the years, we have developed client relationships, not just acquaintances, and have expanded our range of services.

Our staff includes MD’s, RN’s, LPN’s, Respiratory Therapists, X-ray technicians, Certified Medical Assistants, and many other certifications that are exclusive to the Occupational Medicine field. The beauty of our employee base is they are cross-trained for most positions enabling us to respond quickly to client’s needs. One certification we are most proud of is a Medical Director that is Board Certified in Occupational Medicine by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. There is no other physician in this region that hails this certification.

As Occunet grew, it became evident we needed to be mobile – meaning we would go to the employer’s job site. We first started with Drug and Alcohol services being offered 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. It didn’t take long for employers to see the value of mobile services, hence, the company now has two mobile units that can perform all services we can perform at our physical location.

We also realized that job-related training would be of benefit to our clients. We initially began certifying individuals in First Aid and CPR via the National Safety Council and we were soon named THE training institute in Western Kentucky for the National Safety Council. Again, we expanded services and began certifying Emergency Medical Technicians.  A by-product of this service is we also offer continuing medical education to EMT’s. To date, we have certified over 10,000 individuals in First Aid and CPR and have enabled more than 250 individuals to be EMT’s.

We are committed to our profession. Even though our client base exceeds 800 employers nationwide, customer service is still priority number one. When you come into our office, you are greeted with a smile. If we can help your employees be healthier and happier, they will be better employees.